This is a brief story about how Rotarians come together to help those in need. When the mall in Elliot Lake colapsed a few months ago they lost a great deal, one of which was their Library. Upon acquiring a new location the Rotary Club of Elliot Lake sent out a please help to our District. John Coxon from the Lindsey Club contacted our club, and so it began. With help from individuals such as the Past Mayor of Huntsville Hugh Mackenzie and his wife Anne, both avid readers, our collecting of books jumped off to a great start. Having Amber McNair a Librarian as a member of our Club also added not only to our book base but to our requirement knowledge as well. Add in the Ebbs family, Sandy a past member of our club and Vice-Principal Kelly also well read individuals and community minded with a very eclectic collection from childrens books to how to do it manuals, a few bags here and there from our members and from the giving citizens of Huntsville. Voila! We had over 75 cases of books picked up and shuffled off in Stellabratori's Flower van to meet and exchange with Mr. Coxon in the parking lot of Robinson's Independent Grocers. Thanks to all those who helped us, you share in the joy of giving learning, intrigue and literary enjoyment back to a city.