This week was a fabulous time to get to know one of our very own. Harry Schulz gave his classification speech which we all thoroughly enjoyed. There won't be a picture with this story because unlike many of us who like to see our picture far and wide Harry prefers anonymity and his privacy. Harry has done many things from working in a factory, offices, flipping houses to managing the overall maintenance of a large resort. He has traveled a fair bit, retaining much of the knowledge he acquired on those journeys Harry has cheated death and even over come debilitating circumstances that lessor humans may simply have succumb to.He enjoys the simple things in life, the smell of nature, the sights and sounds of thing around him every day and the thrill of hitting the open road with his beautiful wife Catherine behind him on his new BMW. Harry is someone who questions why and why not and is naturally philanthropic in nature. He is a great addition to our club and I look forward to his greater involvement with fundraising and giving as we move forward and the club continues to grow.