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On a Positive Note presented by the Rotary Club of North Muskoka will share uplifting stories of community, connection and progress, as a reminder that, while our community at home and around the world faces serious issues and conversations on topics such as mental health, there is also hope, help and heart.
We will share our stories, and invite experts to join the conversation, and we encourage our fellow community members to share their stories with us, too. Learn more at
Submitted by Rotarian Cara

My name is Godric, and I love food. I love it so  much that one fateful day, just after Christmas, I tripped on my way to the food bowl and was trampled by my goat herd at Skyriver Meadows! I broke my leg and bruised my ego and have been isolated with my two sisters ever since.

Lucky for me, there was a volunteer at the farm who was looking for just the right goats. Her and her family started a hobby farm in the forest where I will be able to get all of the care and space I need to fully heal my leg away from my big herd of 60 goats!

Best of all, there is a huge rock for me to climb on!

My sisters are coming with me of course, and I can’t wait for this next chapter in my life! 

Submitted by Rotarian Suzanne


Think positively.

What will bring you joy today?

For me it’s Gracie.

Mental Health Resources
Kids Help Phone
Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions
Mental health crisis line for children and youth 1-844-287-9072
Information about child and youth mental health programs
Muskoka Victim Services Mind-Aid
A non-emergency non-profit mental health system navigation and support service for children, youth and families in Muskoka
Canadian Mental Health Association Muskoka-Parry Sound
Crisis line 1-888-893-8333
Information about programs and services