Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your opinion I have no pictures of the Santa Claus Parade. I do however have much praise for everyone for coming out and doing your share and that goes for the spouses, the children of club members, and the friends and family members who are great friends of our club for all your assistance. Once again we put on a parade we could be very proud of. I do however have pictures from our Christmas Party at the Norseman Restaurant. I am not sure we made a great impression on the other guest at the restaurant with our pitifull singing of O'Canada but we were proud and loud and maybe we should be happy with that. The food was fabulous the company, well they were Rotarians and Spouses and Friends, could you ask for anything better than that? You will see from the pictures of the Muskoka Moose that we were also generous with others and those ImageImagecombined with the $1000.00 cheque made the Salvation Army happy as well.