November as many of you know is Polio month so what better way to start off the month than with a visit from the District Chair of End Polio Now, Janet Stead. Janet's passion for Rotary in general and Polio in particular was evidenced in the power point presentation she had compiled for us. It is very hard for my mind and I am sure others to comprehend in this new world of miracle drugs and daily research breakthroughs of advancement in HIV, cancer, heart disease and others that an old disease such as polio should still have such a dabilitating hold on such a large segment of the world's population. Janet's message certainly grounded me and I know others to the importance we must continue to place on the eradication of this disaease. We can take great pride in how far Rotary has come in it's fight to eliminate Polio and the many partners we have attracted to assist, but we must not rest, for Polio won't and any decline in our efforts will certainly see an increase in Polio cases around the world. How fortuative it was to have Dianne Litchfield a victim of polio herself give us a testimonial of just how frightning this disease was and still is. Certainly an eye openner for us all and I believe we are more determined than ever in our efforts to sell our Moose and contribute to what one hopes will be the last and greatest victory in this war against Polio.