This weeks Guest Speaker was Leah Blenkinsop a past Exchange Student from Kincardine Ontario who went to South Africa. This however was not the purpose of Leah's visit, she came to tell us about her position as Project Leader for Katimavik-Huntsville. 

Leah and two of her house leaders came to tell us about their experience in Katimavik and just a few of the volunteer jobs they had taken on so far. They also reminded us that they are available to assist groups such as ours in the Community. These 17 year old individuals came from British Columbia and New Brunswick with the intent of serving as volunteers for six months in our community. It is Katimaviks policy not to place students in their home province but rather to combine English and French speaking youth together in a different Province, thus affording them an experience of culture, language, topography and weather as well as the warmth of Canadians in different regions. Did I mention various forms of mosquitoes, deer flies, black flies etc. 

They live, work, prepare their own meals, eat and sleep in their own house within the community. It is a great experience for them and for us. Anyone wishing to contact Leah her email is For more info try

 Three Katimavik Volunteers @ Chartwell along with Employee. 

                                                                                           Leah, John Stewart, Alexa, Nick and President John

Three Katimavik helpers at ChartwelImage