Two women take a close up selfie outside on a sunny day. They hold brown paper bags. One bag reads: Children's Information Books, Science, Flight ...
President Suzanne and past-president Cara. Photo by Rotary Club of North Muskoka.
It's no mystery - Rotary loves literacy!
Our Rotary Club of North Muskoka Mystery Bag Book Sale held September 4 helped nearly 100 pre-loved books find new homes with readers who love the thrill of unexpectedly finding a new favourite. Funds raised will support our club causes, like our annual contributions to the all-ages Huntsville Public Library TD Summer Reading Program.
And that makes sense, not only because Basic Education and Literacy are one of Rotary International's seven areas of focus, but also because our Rotary club is filled with bookworms!
So thank you to everyone who volunteered for the book sale and helped out by buying a bag of books. You're making a difference in your community, one mystery bag at a time.
Keep your eyes on this site and our Facebook page for more book sales in future.