Suzanne Martineau and Sandy Martin of the Muskoka Community Land Trust pictured with Lynne Doyle (Rotarian). Photo by Rotary Club of North Muskoka.
Today Rotarians learned about the Muskoka Community Land Trust and their initiative to develop healthy, innovative and permanent housing solutions in Huntsville. 
Rotarians were joined by Suzanne Martineau, chair,  and Sandy Martin, Business Developer, with the Muskoka Community Land Trust (MCLT) to learn more about affordable housing solutions in Huntsville. The MCLT was developed in response to a call a few years ago from the district to solve the housing crisis in our community. As residents of Huntsville, we know all too well the challenges getting into the housing market with rental rates creating a barrier to saving down payments for homes that are well above what the average earner can afford. On top of this, the rental vacancy in Huntsville is only 0.8%. 
Suzanne shared the plan of the MCLT, which is a pilot project developing seven acres of land on Florence street and creating 107 units which can house over 500 individuals. This affordable micro-community will include a shared communal outdoor space, garden, dog run, trails and play area. There will be a blend of affordable below-market and market rental units available, as well as housing units that are affordable to first time home buyers, seniors, single parent families and vulnerable populations. The MCLT's goal is to make homes a shelter, not a commodity. This is not a place to flip a home for a profit, as the resell process and price will be controlled. This concept has been successful in a variety of other communities, especially popular in British Columbia. Looking to the future the MCLT hopes to acquire more land to retain and develop similar micro-communities.
The MCLT put out a call for help on their committees today, including the Huntsville Committee that is steering the Florence Street Micro-Community Initiative, Fundraising and Grants and Marketing/Education/Outreach. Visit to apply and put a stake in the future of our community! 
Thank you to Suzanne and Sandy for sharing this wonderful initiative with our club!