What happens when you turn a Rotary Club of North Muskoka meeting into a summer camp experience for adults? A bunch of adults get the giggles. Here's why ...
Rotarian Nancy, known as Camp Director Crystal Forest on Aug. 30, transformed our regular morning meeting into a summer camp-themed social for fun and fellowship:
1. We started the day off in style with Eggo waffles and Froot Loops (and yogurt, granola, actual fruit and soooo much coffee). Rotarian Amber then led us in a call-and-response camp song complete with activated movements:
2. And then we had a minute to win it by using straws, breath, Smarties and the power of imagination to create colourful artwork:
3. Blindfolded bowling, anyone? Rotarians John and Lorraine have a go! We also blew ping pong balls through goal posts:
4. And then it was a race against opponents to wrap fellow Rotarian team members in streamers:
5. And Rotarian Suzanne finished the morning by leading everyone in campfire songs complete with Ukulele accompaniment: