Stacey Van Schyndel, one of the newest members of the Rotary Club of Huntsville-Lake of Bays, shared her journey from working at McDonald's in Bracebridge to becoming a physiotherapist in Huntsville, as part of her classification speech on Jan. 19.
Stacey, who grew up in Bracebridge, says she joined the workforce as a teen by reluctantly applying to McDonald's restaurant at her parents' request. But that reluctance soon faded – she spent nine years climbing the ranks with the business. She says she now praises the training, while valuing the lessons in teamwork, customer service, multitasking and more, she had will working there, all of which contributed to her personal development.
She dreamed, however, of a career as an athletic therapist and she got an opportunity to practice in that field while a student at Brock University. A mentor, though, eventually convinced her of a career in physiotherapy and she later completed her masters at Queen's University in 2011.
Stacey has lived in Huntsville for five years now and works with ProActive Rehab. She says she enjoys working in a small urban community because it allows her to see a range of ages and concerns in her clients, and get them back to their routines.
She is also an active member of TriMuskoka and plays hockey in Baysville.
Welcome to the club, Stacey!