A man sat in a chair and wearing a face covering holds a circle of dough. He has filled it with a small ball of potato and cheese, folded it in half, and it pinching it shut to form a perogy.
Rotarian Andrew hard at work on Rotary Perogy Weekend 2021. Photo by Rotary Club of North Muskoka.
What's better than a weekend of Rotary fellowship and service? One that also ends in a mountain of handmade perogies.
Rotary Club of North Muskoka members, with help from volunteers and fellow Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Huntsville and Rotary Club of Huntsville Evening Satellite Club, mixed, rolled, scooped, and pinched 175 dozen Ukrainian-style potato and cheddar perogies over two days in September for our annual take-home perogy fundraiser. 
Special thanks to Rotarian Nick and his wife, Vivian, for their expertise, leadership, and hard work in advance of, and during, the labour-intensive and fun-filled weekend. And thanks to Trinity United Church in Huntsville, too, for allowing us use of its kitchen and auditorium so we could assemble and package these delicious dough pockets for our compassionate and hungry perogy purchasers.
If you have ordered perogies, your Rotarian will be in touch soon. Thank you to everyone who assembled perogies and ordered perogies! We couldn't do this without you. 
A woman sat at a table and wearing a face covering pinches shut a perogy.A woman wearing a face mask stands in a kitchen beside a stand mixer. The stand mixer is mixing dough for perogy shells.A man and a woman, both wearing face coverings, use rolling pins to roll out dough for perogy shells.A woman wearing a face mask scoops potato and cheese filling out of a large pot before forming it into small balls that will fill perogies.Two women sat at a table and wearing face masks arrange perogies on a baking tray lined with  parchment paper.A woman and a man wearing face masks pose for the camera. The woman is wearing a blue shirt with a gold Rotary logo on it. The man is wearing an apron with a bit of flour on it. The apron reads: Nick Perogie.