Rotary Club of Huntsville-Lake of Bays and Rotary Club of Huntsville members joined forces to battle poliovirus on Huntsville's main street on Oct. 24, as part of a Rotary District 7010-wide End Polio Now campaign. Check out some of our photos:

A great day to end polio now ...

Rotarian Jim S. joins Huntsville mayor Scott Aitchison as part of the opening ceremonies in Huntsville Civic Square.
Rotarian Rob A. (second from right) in the crowd with his signature End Polio Now poncho (one of the only days it didn't rain in Huntsville ...)
Rotarians Cara, Alison, Jim P. and Jim S. let everybody know we're "This Close" to eradicating polio. The disease, which largely targets children, used to terrorize countries around the world, including North America, but thanks to Rotary and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, polio is now endemic only in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. But it can still spread, unless it's wiped out.
"Polio was once a disease feared worldwide, striking suddenly and paralysing mainly children for life. ... The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the largest private-public partnership for health, has reduced polio by 99 per cent. Polio now survives only among the world's poorest and most marginalized communities, where it stalks the most vulnerable children. The Initiative's goal is to reach every last child with polio vaccine and ensure a polio-free world for future generations."