Sometimes volunteers need a moment to relax, connect and have fun. And in true Rotary Club of North Muskoka-style, we embraced our inner child was a summer camp-themed social at Rotarian Rob A. and Lynn's place! There were ...

Summer memories ...

Burgers on the grill. Hi, Rotarian Rob. A (left) and Rotarian Andrew!
And lots of refreshing beverages. I think I snapped Rotarian Jim S. (left) mid-bite, but 
Rotarian Nancy and Rotarian Lynne are all smiles!
Plus, there were games to play, like beach volleyball and ladder toss, which Rotarian
Rob W. (left), President Cara, Rotarian Andrew and Rotarian Jim S. are enjoying here. 
There were plenty of laughs and not toooo much competitive spirit. 
And what camp day isn't complete without a bonfire. And you better believe there were
plenty of marshmallows for roasting! A huge thanks to our hosts Rob A. and Lynn for 
providing a memorable evening with friends.