Zoom screenshot of Steve.
Rotary Club of North Muskoka members welcomed Rotarian Steve Medley, governor-elect for Rotary District 7010, in April.

He noted he planned to visit all the clubs in the district, which included attending one of our virtual meetings, to learn what each club was up to, and how they were adapting to serve their communities, and members, in these difficult days. 
"No two clubs are the same," said Steve. "Although we believe in the same (objectives), we all do things differently."
We shared some of our club's recent initiatives, like our ongoing Muskoka Roastery coffee sales to raise funds for youth social, leadership and nutrition programs, plus our support for the Rotaract Club of Muskoka's Earth Day native tree sales, and more. 
Steve also encouraged Rotarians to visit the Rotary District 7010 website to see an agenda for the upcoming virtual Rotary Weekend, a collaborative networking and workshop weekend for Rotarians to learn new skills and meet their fellow humanitarians.