Marcy Hill, ministry director for The Door Youth Centre in Huntsville, visited our club this fall to talk about the youth drop-in centre and what's in store for its future, as need continues in the community.
Marcy says the centre is about building connections and positive relationships for youth, not only to create stronger individuals, but to create a stronger community, too, especially in an age dominated by isolating technology.  
The centre, she says, is operated by a Christian organization, but all youth are welcome and several of the programs are secular in nature. And the programs on offer, she says, are open not only to youth at risk, but to all youth so as to create a more robust social network. 
Programs include youth yoga, a hot-lunch program twice per week, a girls' knitting group, and more. The centre's Brunel Road location also offers a space for youth to hang out and connect. 
Program expansion is anticipated soon, too, as Marcy is a new addition to the centre's staff compliment. 
Marcy added that program ideas and volunteers are welcome, as are donations, as all of the staff and programs at the centre financially rely on fundraisers and donations. 
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